pet artificial turf grass

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Pet artificial turf grass

Pet artificial turf grass description:

Our company is vigorously developing pet artificial turf grass. I am very familiar with this aspect. I hope that you can see the introduction of our team's pet artificial turf grass, which will be rewarded and will help your pet better




Pile Height

20mm or customized

Yarn Dtex


Yarn Type


Yarn Content



 3/8” or customized

Stitches Rate

15 Stitches/10cm

Tufts Density


Primary Backing

Anti-aged PP Basic Cloth

Secondary Backing

Anti-aged PP Non-woven Cloth


Standard SBR Latex

Drainage Design

Drainage Holes


4 tones

Color Fastness

Warranty period will not fade


8—10 Years

Roll Width

2/4m or Customized

Roll Length

20m or Customized


The characteristics of pet artificial turf grass:

Our work with artificial grass began with the objective of offering two things: zero maintenance and zero waste of water as a vital part.

Green Art it’s proud of having the most complete line of residential, commercial and sports applications.

Our products are always made with the highest quality yarns and have more than 15 worldwide certificates. Our artificial grass is unparalleled in the industry, as our designs give a more natural appearance to touch, sight and performance. We have a high variety of artificial grass from which you can choose between 4 models the one that suits you the most.

Thanks to Green Art, millions of gallons of water has been saved since 2008. In addition, our products are lead-free, non-toxic and low maintenance.

Classification of pet artificial turf grass:

Artificial Turf Installation – Dog runs, pet turf, playground safety turf, maintenance free lawns and more. Our synthetic turf specialist are here to deliver the extra oomph it needs!

Landscape Garden Design – We can help you look through and choose from the many plant varieties we have available here in Central Florida. There’s many different design and regional styles to choose from, such as Tropical, Mediterranean, Tuscan, Modern, Southwestern, Formal, Japanese, Cottage and more.

Landscape Features – Add landscape lighting to brighten the garden and house up at night. Or add wooden elements such as Pergolas, Gazebos, Arbors and other fun, creative landscape elements to really bring uniqueness into the fold.

Hardscaping – There is many great selections of permanent hardscape design features available for any property and design. Features such as paver patios, paver driveways, paver walkways, retaining walls, brick fire pits, beautiful rock gardens and a whole lot more.

Maintenance of pet artificial turf grass:

We can save you a great deal of time and hassle in a cost-effective manner. Take advantage of our free sample service and see the quality for yourselves. Fake grass is a one-time investment that will stay there in its sheer glory for years to come. Are you concerned about the look and feel? Fret not! Our products are designed to exhibit the natural appeal and you’d be glad to know that they comply with the highest quality standards.


Talking about quality and other attributes, natural grass loses out to fake grass. It is designed with the same texture and appearance but unlike natural grass, it does not decay over time and neither does it attract harmful insects. Therefore, your kids and pets can play around and relax in the lawn without bearing any kind of skin allergy, which is quite common with natural grass. Moreover, fake grass remains the same size and seeks little to no maintenance.


We source artificial turf from our reputed brands, ranges including Arizona, Windsor, Warwick Luxury and Chelsea grass. All EU manufacturers offer UV protection guarantee up to 10 years. This means that you need not worry about the constant exposure to sunlight; thus, you can install it anywhere under the sun. Further provisions can be made for water drainage as well so that you do not have to get on your toes when it pours. The rainwater will make its way out on its own through pre-punched drainage holes.


Our online presence certainly helps our prospective clients to connect with us quickly and explore our wide range of products from the comfort of their home. As a customer, you can get a free installation guide from our website to make your DIY installation process a piece of cake. It should walk you through overlaying the grass through to maintenance and replacement. If you are pressed for time or in case you do not wish to take the unnecessary installation hassle, our experts can help you right away. We have teams of installers nationwide ready to provide you with a free quote.

We guarantee the most natural realistic look and feel.

We understand that you would not want your new lawn to look absurd and out of the context. This is the reason why our experts take the pains to handpick the right product that should blend in naturally with the surroundings and give the appearance of real grass.


Pet artificial turf grass production process:

Factory organization, design of water, electric engineering, technical consultation. Our specialists will provide you with the most complete and professional organization and planning.


Providing you with the best quality and most valuable products. Our products are various and complete, such as plastic drawing –twisting-making rope-winding, and etc... We have the quality you can rely on.


Our professional engineers will set up, install and test the machines before we sell them to you, We provide a whole package of professional service ,In addition, we provide necessary training and technical instructions.


Complete after-sale service. Equipment to provide technical guidance for ever.


Company information:

Our company is a manufacturer of artificial grass with well-equipped testing equipment and strong technical force. Our total annual production capacity is about 5 billion square meters. With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish design, our products are extensively used in gardn roof, sports area and other industries. Besides with the support of strong R&D team, we will constantly bring new products for our customers.

Contast Us:

Our pet artificial turf grass is very, very good. It is also very helpful for pets. I hope you have read our introduction. Have a deeper understanding of pet artificial turf grass.If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us as soon as possible. We are always ready for you.


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