artificial grass small yard

A large courtyard, the yard is full of green, perhaps this is the desire of most families. But as the seasons change, plants will wither and fade, and the scenery will become desolate. Of course, if you decorate your yard with artificial grass, this problem will not happen. When your child or pets play, a thick green lawn can provide good protection. Green can promote visual development and relax. The summer swimming pool is the best place for people. When you come out of the swimming pool, your body is always wet and slips easily. The artificial grass has played a role at this time. Even wet feet do not slip on artificial grass.

artificial grass small yard
artificial grass small yard
artificial grass small yard
artificial grass small yard
artificial grass small yard
artificial grass small yard
artificial grass small yard
artificial grass small yard


Packed in PP bag; different package styles are available (such as PE bag, pallet, and wooden case) Max width/roll:4m, customizing width available Length/roll:25m, different length available

Our Service

(1)Samples will be sent for customers’ approval. Then arrange the mass production.

(2)For mass production, worker on each production line will finish their task as per production schedule so that we can assure the lead time.

(3)Before packing, our quality control personnel will inspect the product. And inspection report will be checked by responsible sales.

(4)Different packing methods can be customized to meet various demands.

Product Name: artificial grass small yard

Material: PP+PE

Construction: Cut Pile

Grass height: 10mm/20mm/25mm/30mm/35mm/40mm

Dtex: 8000--110000

Density: 8400-80960 tuft/sqare meter

Gauge: 5/32,3/16,3/8,5/8

Roll Size: Width: 4m/2m Length: 25m or custom

Color: Field / Apple green/lemon GREEN+GARDON GREEN

Color Fastness: 5-8 years

If you have special requirements, please contact us


1. Have a small yard of your own and make it a playground for children. If you have a lot of friends, so small yard artificial grass is very important. Here I recommend to you the artificial grass in the yard. It has many advantages and it won't become muddy on rainy days. There is no difference between visual and real grass. Gathering with friends, children play in the yard on the artificial grass. They do not need to take care of them all the time. Even if the children are running, the thick lawn in the yard of artificial grass can guarantee no harm after falling. And most importantly, the yard's artificial grass will not blight as the season changes. Even if a part of it is damaged, it can be replaced directly with a small part to make it no different from before.

2. Even road designs can be created to provide children with clearly marked lanes, as well as traffic lights and zebra crossings to teach them about road safety. You only need to add different color lawns when designing the yard to create a small artificial grass football field.

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