artificial grass football field

There are two kinds of grass on the football field, a real grass and an artificial grass. The use of real grass has the advantages and disadvantages. The real grass is close to nature, but the cultivation and maintenance of the real grass is a kind of burden, especially with the change of the season, the real grass needs a variety of cultivation and maintenance. When grass is in motion, grass juice can easily stain clothes and is not easy to clean. It also reduces your unique risk of friction. However, artificial turf can solve these problems. The length of the artificial lawn in the football field can be tailored to your needs and can be placed in the stadium to avoid damage caused by seasonal changes. Artificial football lawn cleaning is also very fast. This is very easy, because we have a special lawn cleaning machine that can help you clean up your football field and save time.

artificial grass football field
artificial grass football field
artificial grass football field
artificial grass football field
artificial grass football field
artificial grass football field
artificial grass football field
artificial grass football field


Packed in PP bag; different package styles are available (such as PE bag, pallet, and wooden case) Max width/roll:4m, customizing width available Length/roll:25m, different length available

Our Service

(1)Samples will be sent for customers’ approval. Then arrange the mass production.

(2)For mass production, worker on each production line will finish their task as per production schedule so that we can assure the lead time.

(3)Before packing, our quality control personnel will inspect the product. And inspection report will be checked by responsible sales.

(4)Different packing methods can be customized to meet various demands.

Product Name: artificial grass football field

Material: PP+PE

Construction: Cut Pile

Grass height: 10mm/20mm/25mm/30mm/35mm/40mm

Dtex: 8000--110000

Density: 8400-80960 tuft/sqare meter

Gauge: 5/32,3/16,3/8,5/8

Roll Size: Width: 4m/2m Length: 25m or custom

Color: Field / Apple green/lemon GREEN+GARDON GREEN

Color Fastness: 5-8 years

If you have special requirements, please contact us


1. Children like to have a football field. It's just their size. Build a artificial grass football pitch for your child. Thick lawn can protect children from harm. If your child likes sports, why not support him?

2. Use artificial grass in homes,kindergartens or schools to create outdoor and indoor play areas.The concept of artificial grass in the family play area You can replace the lawn with artificial grass and use the artificial grass football field.It is only necessary to use different colors of artificial grass for construction. It is very easy.And when you don't use a football field,you can put other toys on it. If it is raining, you do not have to worry about artificial grass soccer pitches becoming muddy.The artificial grass football field is very clean.

3.Or why not create a theme bedroom that your child likes? Sports -Not carpets,use artificial grass to create a miniature soccer field, tennis courts, and even putt golf courses!

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