artificial grass fence

Do you have any lively children or pets in your family? You or your husband doesn't need to play football or play games. When your yard is covered with artificial lawns, do you need artificial hedgerows to protect them? The real plant fence, although closer to nature, is also difficult to clean up, as the season changes also need to be replanted and maintained, even juice will stick to pet fur and clothes, very beautiful, very difficult to clean, in the summer, there will be V. Insects attract it. The artificial grass fence will not have this problem. It will not wither because of the seasonal changes. As long as the water is washed, the artificial grass fence will not have juice and will not cause harmful insects in the summer. It can effectively prevent pets and children from being bitten. The artificial grass fence is not often strong, and it will not be random because of the random dog. The collision was destroyed. It can effectively protect the family in the yard.

artificial grass fence
artificial grass fence
artificial grass fence
artificial grass fence
artificial grass fence
artificial grass fence
artificial grass fence
artificial grass fence


Packed in PP bag; different package styles are available (such as PE bag, pallet, and wooden case) Max width/roll:4m, customizing width available Length/roll:25m, different length available

Our Service

(1)Samples will be sent for customers’ approval. Then arrange the mass production.

(2)For mass production, worker on each production line will finish their task as per production schedule so that we can assure the lead time.

(3)Before packing, our quality control personnel will inspect the product. And inspection report will be checked by responsible sales.

(4)Different packing methods can be customized to meet various demands.

Product Name: artificial grass fence

Material: PP+PE

Construction: Cut Pile

Grass height: 10mm/20mm/25mm/30mm/35mm/40mm

Dtex: 8000--110000

Density: 8400-80960 tuft/sqare meter

Gauge: 5/32,3/16,3/8,5/8

Roll Size: Width: 4m/2m Length: 25m or custom

Color: Field / Apple green/lemon GREEN+GARDON GREEN

Color Fastness: 5-8 years

If you have special requirements, please contact us


1. Repair any broken sheds or artificial grass fences. Due to the strong winds and stormy weather in the winter, there may be a lot of wood panels that need to be repaired. In addition, you will find that fences and sheds may wear out over time. Spring is the best time to start work.

2. Before you start cleaning your pet, one of the most important tasks you can do is to remove debris that has accumulated on the side of the artificial grass fence and clean old debris that may cover the lawn. As thoroughly as possible. After the removal is completed, your yard will be completely renewed.

3. Complete any landscape planning, decide how your artificial grass fence is to be installed, and most people have their garden space plan. In this wonderful season in the spring, you need to decide if your artificial grass fence should be repaired, although artificial grass will not grow.

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